Deconstruction and reclaim

“Ruined or unwanted period buildings still have value, often constructed from original and re-usable materials that can be hundreds of years old.”

Disused and ruined period structures, such as barns, stables and other outbuildings, are often crudely demolished and discarded. But these buildings can contain original brick, stone and flint, much sought after in the restoration and repair of other period properties.

At Norfolk Period Pointing, we remove bricks and blocks individually, cleaning each one ready for re-use rather than disposal. Reclaiming period materials in this way makes sound economic sense, as well as having a positive environmental impact.

Our deconstruction and reclaim work includes the following skilled services:

  • Surveys & specialist advice

  • Deconstruction of all period & historic building types

  • Brick, stone and flint removed and cleaned for re-use

  • Sites cleared ready for land regeneration

  • Materials often purchased, subject to age, condition and demand

If you have ruined or unwanted period structures that you’re considering demolishing, then call Norfolk Period Pointing today to learn how we can help.

Norfolk Period Pointing delivers projects all across East Anglia

We work on deconstruction and reclaim projects all across the region. Call us today to learn more about our specialist services.

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Deconstruction and reclaim
Deconstruction & Reclaim